The Basic Ingredient for Your Business


SaltERP is an integrated information system for companies’ resource management to optimize and streamline the internal business processes. SaltERP is a multi-module system, specially designed to standardize the productive or decision-making processes by introducing the best practices specific to each business sector.
Currently, SaltERP supports the operations of the many organizations in areas such as distribution, retail, sales and purchasing, manufacturing, transportation, construction or services.

SaltERP has a modular, flexible and configurable architecture, designed for the optimization of the management of complex organizations, regardless of their size. The solution offers a unique view over the entire activity, reduces operational costs, integrates workflows and increases the company’s agility. 

The solution integrates the entire activity of a company into a consistent system with a single database.

The system is designed for companies in all business fields thanks to its specific, flexible and fast configurable extensions.

The structure of the system is modular and each aspect of a company’s business is treated in a specific and adequate manner.

One can start from a minimum configuration while additional modules can be added afterwards.

The system ensures a high level of security, the user rights or restrictions reaching the level of the fields in the database.

The solution permanently identifies and records the users who work and perform changes in the database, as well as the changes and their date and time.

The solution provides high configurability of document flows, transactions, accounting methods, specific reports, charts of accounts and cost centers.

The advance MIS/ Flexible reporting system helps in generating Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Annual and Custom period reports. Reports can also be exported to PDF and Excel formats.

SaltERP is also supported by its Android and iOS app, from which users can manage their business on the go.

Benefits Of Using SaltERP

  • SaltERP helps in streamlining your Business Process and Workflows.
  • SaltERP helps you in better customer support and services.
  • Our customers gain real time data from various departments allowing quick and powerful decision making.
  • We Reduce paper work, duplication of entries and Manual entries.
  • SaltERP helps in increasing your productivity level, profits and altogether growth of your organization.

Displayed On Every Screen!

SaltERP has just taken a quantum leap in its strategy first. SaltERP is fully web-based, as it can be accessible from any device like mobile and tablets, we have an adamant and fully integrated mobile application which helps you to get connected with the solution from anywhere anytime.
SaltERP is an innovative of comprehensive Web-based Business Management solutions which enables automation, management, and administration of various business processes anytime, anywhere. We are providing access to information through the Internet and improving productivity for your company. SaltERP, which sits on the basis of an advanced technological architecture, is a complete solution.