Providers of math-skill based learning online games

The Client

Our client is a Canada-based provider of math skills-based games that had 2-D games and an inflexible CMS platform. To attract new customers, optimize platform maintenance costs and facilitate the implementation of new functions, they decided to improve the platform design and replace their inflexible solution with a flexible solution. As a result of our cooperation, MeshTech Solution’s dedicated team prepared a new micro services design and architecture for the product. Then our specialists implemented the necessary components of the new platform and planned its expansion. Plus our game developers developed the new 3D games based on Unity framework.

The client aimed to build up interactive tools that will help students boost their mathematical skills, ranging from basic concepts to advance problem-solving. Our newly developed 3D game enables not only teachers, but parents to decipher where the student’s skills are lacking and then help them learn the specific building blocks, that they are lacking, interestingly and engagingly.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to keep all the game algorithms designed with the old version to working with same logic but on the improved 3D platform that we developed. Plus the new system also need to perform much faster where we needed to use much heavier graphics and improved and enhanced game logic. The new game was also designed by keeping in mind the scalability aspect of the game, as the client intended to launch the game in multiple countries so the game had to be scalable enough to work smoothly and efficiently even as user load grows over the platform.


Our Approach

We put together a dedicated team consisting of a Game Analyst, a UI / UX designer, Unity and Web developers, a Dev Ops specialist, and a project manager. Our team was supposed to work together with the client, so we established a clear communication workflow that helped us eliminate misunderstandings. After discussing the customer’s vision on how the new platform works, we finalized the requirements for the final product, planned a new 3-D game-based architecture and flexible CMS micro services architecture for the platform, and moved on to the stage of implementation.

The Result

We successfully implemented a 3-D game and its CMS platform with an updated design. The new platform offers better scalability, easier maintenance, and a more pleasant user experience. The newly developed game platform helps our client to encourage its easy understanding around the globe. As we had kept it as our development principles to cover every aspect of mathematics from pre-school to post school. The newly designed game enables teachers and parents to craft syllabuses that keep the student engaged and increase their mathematical skills.

The newly designed game now comprises of more enriched concepts, advanced learning mechanisms and diagnostics tool to assist the student, teacher and parents.