Children Storytime is a fun learning platform for K-12

What is this?

Children storytime is a fun learning platform for K-12
Due to covid-19, education institutes discontinue educational practices and that’s what caused a high influx in online learning. As online learning is boring most of the time, the team at children’s storytime came up with an idea to make the learning more fun by introducing a character/avatar-driven storytelling learning experience for K-12.

Kids can learn as well as play this interesting story-driven learning and attend classes in a virtual environment with their friends at school.
Parents can monitor the progress of their kids and teachers can release courses/learnings as well as mark the grades for their students.


We’ve worked on the entire platform, webdesign, mobile design and management consoles 
We’ve also worked on the brand guidelines and typography for the entire project.

A complete UI design driven by research and usability findings along with persona mapping as well as figuring the information architecture has been delivered to client